Your Directory Entry for Consumers

This month, we’re installing new software for the DWHSA member directory we’ve been slowly building to use on our future consumer sites. Brides/couples will use this directory to search for a romance travel specialist to work with. So, it’s time to start thinking again about your entry!

Here’s a sample directory entry (thanks, Jennifer, for filling out your form a while back so we could create this sample!) – you should be able to click on the image below to make it bigger on your screen:

sample entry

The final look of the entries may be different than this sample – but, it gives you an idea of the information we’ll need from you.

That means you can log into the directory system any time and change details such as your contact information or your photo. You’ll always be in charge of your own entry!

So, here are the next steps:

1. If your name appears on this page linked below, you’ve already filled out a directory form for us. Once the new software is ready, we’ll email you the instructions for logging into the directory and changing/updating your entry in the future:

2. If your name does not appear on this list, no worries! Shortly, we’ll email you those same instructions, so you can create your directory entry yourself from scratch!

Right now, while we’re working on that software, you should consider working on two big parts of your directory entry:

1. A “head shot” photo: We’ll need an image that clearly shows you from the shoulders up – .jpg, .tif, and .png formats will work best, and it’s a huge help if you can keep the size under 300 kb. (If you’re not sure how to check your photo’s format and size, no worries – we can do that for you in a few weeks.) Under the new software, we must limit the directory photos to head shots only (no logos or beach shots, for example). If you don’t have a head shot, you can have a friend take one with a smart phone – that image will have the perfect quality for us to use.

2. Your 100-word bio: You’ll have 100 words in the new system to say anything about yourself and your business – your background, the types of romance travel you sell, any destinations you specialize in, etc. Remember that your entry will include links to your own web site and social media accounts – so, this 100-word bio is just a “teaser” to introduce yourself quickly to consumers (you don’t need to tell your whole story – your web site and social media will do that for you). Once the directory goes live, we’ll need to enforce the 100-word limit rigorously (to be fair to all members, and to prevent any single entry from taking up too much space on a consumer’s screen).

We plan to have the new software installed and tested by the end of July 2015 – so, you can focus the next few weeks on pulling this stuff together! Questions? Email us at