Update Your Directory Entry

Thanks so much for the great comments and suggestions about the DWHSA forum! We’ll work on the issues you’ve encountered (e.g., we need an easier-to-find “back” button) in the final version of the forum …

Now, would you help us test another feature for the new DWHSA.com site?

We’ve installed software in the new design that lets you take charge of your own entry in the DWHSA membership directory (button # 6 on the current DWHSA.com home page). With the new site, you won’t have to email us with changes in your address, phone numbers, etc. – instead, you can log into DWHSA.com and make these changes yourself (and, change your photo, too)!

You can “test” this feature now – it’s activated on the current DWHSA.com site … here’s how:

  1. Log into DWHSA.com.
  2. On the members-only home page that appears after you log in, look for the “Howdy, [Your Name]” link in the upper right-hand corner, and put your cursor on top of the link. A drop-down menu should appear, and one of the options in the menu is “Edit My Directory Entry.” Click on that option.
  3. The next page that appears will say “Connections: Edit My Directory Entry,” and you’ll see an extensive form in
    which your current information will be filled in (if you’ve already created a directory entry). You can edit any field or fill in blank fields as you wish. To add or change your photo, click the “Browse” button in the “Image” area and upload the photo. Then, click the blue “Update” button on the right-hand side of the page. That will update your directory entry!

directory entry

Three notes:

What if you haven’t created a directory entry yet? When you click the “Edit My Directory Entry” link as explained above, the next page that appears on your screen will say “Connections: Add My Directory Entry” (not “Edit”). Look around this form, and you’ll get an idea of the in
formation you should gather to start filling in fields. But, we recommend that you wait a few days until the new site design is live before you create your entry – that way, you’ll be uploading your information after we’ve updated the entire site.

When you put your cursor on the “Howdy, [Your Name]” link mentioned above, you’ll see another option besides “Edit My Directory Entry” – you’ll also see “Edit My Profile.” That’s a different function – your “profile” in this case is your information as an approved DWHSA member to log into the site. Clicking the “Edit My Profile” link allows you to change things like your login password – but, that’s separate from the membership directory.

Soon, you’ll use this same software to update or create your entry in the membership directories that will appear on our consumer web sites. So, it pays to take a few minutes to log into DWHSA.com and follow the steps above to get familiar with the form, so you can begin thinking about the information you’ll need to have your entry on those sites for consumers …

If you run into problems, please shoot us an email at support@dwhsa.com … thanks!