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Travel advisors form the core of DWHSA, because we are now the world’s largest agent-run specialty travel association (with more than 900 members around the United States, Canada, and other countries).

To qualify for DWHSA membership as a travel advisor, you must currently (a) sell destination weddings and honeymoons or (b) sell other types of travel with plans to learn how to sell romance travel. Also, your travel business must comply with all licensing and registration laws in the places where you’re based and where you serve clients. Finally, you must have a valid travel industry booking ID number (ARC, IATA/IATAN, CLIA, TRUE).

Below, we’ve collected the major benefits we offer romance travel specialists (along with comments from DWHSA members who love what we do!). Click here to submit your application to join our group – and if you have questions, please reach out to us at 615.730.9977 or!

DWHSA's Facebook Group

You’ll have immediate, around-the-clock access to our private, closed, secret Facebook group reserved for DWHSA agents only. (Suppliers, destinations, and consumers have NO access.) You may post questions and tips to share with fellow romance travel advisors – anything from reviews of a new resort to requests for help with a difficult client – and your fellow DWHSA agents will post replies and ideas to help you. This extremely active (and supportive!) network is probably DWHSA’s # 1 benefit that we offer!

"Best investment I have made"

The support and education that I have received by being a part of DWHSA is second to none! I have learned more in six months from this group than I did in years with my consortium. Best investment I have made in my business – Hands Down!

Anne Lisle
Castaway Travel of the Carolinas
South Carolina

"DWHSA is by far the BEST one"

I have been a part of many associations, forums, groups and boards over the years. DWHSA is by far the BEST one I have had the privilege to be a part of from the beginning. As a charter member, I have seen the group grow year after year with great new members from new to very experienced. The support, training, education, guidance and professionalism is amazing. The best in the industry. The most generous colleagues to share, teach and go above and beyond for each other. The yearly membership is well worth is and something I renew every year without hesitation. Worth every penny. Best investment I have made in myself and my business.

Amira Harris
Aisle Travel

"How to Sell Romance Travel" Course

We offer a comprehensive online class (with more than 50 video-based lessons) covering everything from finding romance travel clients and satisfying the expectations of clients (from Baby Boomers to Millennials and Gen Zers) to marketing and promoting your self as romance travel specialists and solving the most common issues that crop up with these bookings. It’s included FREE as part of your DWHSA membership. You may take these lessons at your own pace from start to finish – or, you may prefer to pick and choose specific lessons to watch. Beyond the course, we offer more training programs to help you grow your business – from our one-day online Romance Travel Boot Camps and special classes with well-known wedding and marketing trainers to three-night workshops in areas such as LGBT romance travel and South Asian DWs and our conferences

"An investment worth taking"

DWHSA is not only a specialist association, but so much more … the benefits I have gained from trainings, FAMS, other experienced agents, and supplier connections/information, and nothing compares to the support this association’s members have provided each other. This is an investment worth taking if you’re wanting to provide quality to your clients!

Niki Rakowitz
CARE Travel

"I was instantly hooked"

As a home-based agent, I first heard about DWHSA from a fellow travel agent friend who told me about the annual conference. I decided to attend and see what DWHSA is all about. I was instantly hooked! I have gained more knowledge from the other members than I have from any other venue or training I have attended, and having the DWHSA member logo on your website, social media, and business cards has helped business tremendously. I would recommend membership to every agent, new or seasoned, who wants to increase their knowledge and business.

Beth Brownstein
Peace, Love, and Travel

Live Webinars + Training Video Library

We produce two to three live webinars each week, all year round, that focus on the latest news about the resorts, ships, and destinations DWHSA members offer their clients (as well as marketing and management topics from using Facebook and Instagram to handling the back-office chores that come with romance travel bookings). Then, we’ve stored those webinar videos inside (our members-only site) to create the world’s largest on-demand training library (available to you 24/7/365 as part of your membership).

"Fabulous, fabulous group"

Fabulous, fabulous group! I actually learned that [a major resort company] pays commissions on the weddings from one of the webinars, which more than paid for my membership! Aside from this, I find the Facebook group page to be an invaluable tool.

Jody Barbato
My Honeymoon Specialist

"I'm a member for life"

I have been with DWHSA from the beginning and I am so impressed with the educational aspect of the association and the opportunities that have come about from being a member. I am also very impressed with the willingness of members to share their experiences both good and bad so we can all learn and make the romance travel niche agency community a strong, well-educated community. I am a member for life!

Michelle Bouzek
Vacations in Paradise

Weekly Newsletters

To keep you updated on what’s happening in romance travel, we issue newsletters each Monday with the latest bridal and travel headlines. You can catch up with these quick reads (and, you’re welcome to pull content to use in your client newsletters and social media posts).

"So many reasons"

There are so many reasons to be a part of DWHSA!! The help from other romance travel specialists is outstanding! If you have not worked with a resort before, there is usually someone else who has or has been there recently. I have been a member of other agent groups – none of them did anything for my personal business as much as DWHSA has. Last year, I had the most destination weddings ever, mostly due to the things I have learned from DWHSA.

Trish DeDamos
Just4U Travel

"Best association group"

Best association group that I’ve belonged to in a long time … everyone is willing to share their knowledge and practices (to a limit of course) and great webinars … this has helped me grow my business. I feel like we’re family even though I haven’t met “face to face” with many of the members!

Michelle Bouzek
Vacations in Paradise

The Online Resource Center

Inside, you’ll find LOTS of helpful tools in the Resource Center – from sample client agreements and lists of questions to ask in your consultations to DW planning timelines and warning letters to give clients to avoid timeshare sales. And, because you’re a DWHSA member, they’re FREE for you to use.

"I am here to say yes"

Many agents question is the cost worth it. I am here to say yes! From the association’s support, recommendations and guidance, I have implemented several systems that are saving me time and money and creating a stronger brand for my company!

Veronica Clinton White
The Honeymoon Gal

"More than I have probably learned in years"

Having been in the industry for 30 years now, I have seen many organizations come and go … but I have never been associated with any group that truly has the professionalism, the knowledge, and the camaraderie that I feel with DWHSA. What I have learned about destination weddings in the past month alone is more than I have probably learned in years!

Debbie Clark Kaiser
Bluprint Travel
North Carolina

Consumer Marketing Tools

DWHSA offers consumer marketing services (again, FREE!) to help you promote your romance travel business to consumers – from searchable profile pages for members on our site to preformatted images you can use immediately in your social media posts, your web site, and your client emails.

"One of the best decisions"

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made is to join DWHSA! The sharing of product knowledge, vendor contacts and just overall helpfulness of this group make it the best around.

Amanda Ricks
Custom Escapes

"DWHSA is [my support system]"

I am a member of DWHSA because of the support and training! Everyone needs a support system in place, and DWHSA is mine.

Donna W. Watson
Donna W. Watson Travel

The DWHSA Logo (and Our Advocacy)

Stand apart from the crowd by displaying your official DWHSA Member Logo on your site, on your business cards, in your wedding show booths – everywhere! And, by joining DWHSA, you’ll give us even greater strength to defend your interests as we deal with suppliers that have agent-unfriendly policies and to promote your professionalism to consumer and trade media.

"Best move I've made"

I’m a professional wedding planner who was struggling to get to know my new community [as a travel advisor]. DWHSA welcomed me with open arms. They supported me in helping with additional education, informational newsletters, and webinars to advance your business. DWHSA has an amazing team dedicated to all of its members and very connected to this industry. Best move I’ve made is joining DWHSA!

Cathy Reynolds

"I love this group!!"

I love this group!!!

Sue Schmerling
A Time to Travel